CETSA® and Alpha

CETSA® can, in combination with Alpha & HTRF detection technology efficiently assess target engagement in live cells. Both technologies are sensitive, and the workflow is highly suitable for automation and high throughput screening purposes.

We have fully validated a set of protein target kits available as Alpha CETSA® kits. We have also pre-validated over 40 total AlphaLISA® SureFire® Ultra and HTRF protein kit targets proving that they are amenable with CETSA®. These protein targets are now available as CETSAble®kits. See the table below with available AlphaCETSA® and CETSAble® kit targets.

These kits can be purchased directly from PerkinElmer and their use with CETSA® is permitted under a license from Pelago Bioscience.


Single Target License: Lifetime license agreement for either PerkinElmer kits or custom assay development services from Pelago. Available for a defined target for a single fixed fee. Contact Pelago Bioscience for details.

Single Kit Agreement:  Pay-as-you-go option. Intended for customers purchasing PerkinElmer kits for use with CETSA®.

PerkinElmer will only ship kits to a customer once Pelago Bioscience confirm that a subscription is in place. Contact us to learn more.

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