(Direct Assessment of Target Engagement)

Take your compounds on a Speed DATE and check for a match with a target of your interest!

Not knowing if your compound engages the target can be a costly and dangerous mistake. CETSA® Speed DATE (Direct Assessment of Target Engagement) facilitates finding the target engagement interaction in a simple and cost-efficient way through all the stages of drug discovery.


Limited time offer

CETSA® Speed DATE is Pelago’s limited offer to enable scientists to investigate the target engagement under physiological conditions.

Based on our CETSA® Navigate HT technology, Speed DATE offers a quick, easy, and reliable snapshot of genuine target engagement inside the cell without a need to modify the compound or protein.

For a limited time, until March 31, you can choose your compound(s) of interest and targets from the EGFR pathway (EGFR, RAF1, MEK1, mTOR, AKT) for CETSA® Navigate HT screen in THP1 cells.


You can learn more about CETSA® on our page about the technology.

Join the CETSA® Speed DATE

Simply choose one or multiple targets of interest and how many compounds you would like to screen. There is no need to commit to a large batch – you can start with even a single compound.


Use the calculator below to quickly estimate the cost of your CETSA® Speed Date.

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