Who we are

Pelago Bioscience was founded in 2013 with the aim to develop the patented Cellular Thermal Shift Assay (CETSA®) for maximum utility and customer value in drug discovery and diagnostics. The company delivers in situ target engagement studies to accelerate preclinical and clinical drug discovery and diagnostics development. Using CETSA data and applications, drug discovery R&D companies are able to make better and more informed decisions at earlier stages in their projects. Our scientific team are the experts in both targeted (Classics & HT) and unbiased proteomics (Mass Spectrometry) CETSA applications, find out more under our services page.

Our state-of-the-art laboratories are based in Stockholm, a city formed from a collection of islands called the Archipelago.

Our Leadership Team

Michael Dabrowski

Michael Dabrowski


When Pär Nordlund and Daniel Martinez Molina contacted me regarding their invention back in December 2012 I was immediately convinced that the CETSA technology could solve a lot of problems and massively improve efficiency and success rates in the Drug Discovery process. This notion was based on my 15-20 years of pharmaceutical industry experience. I therefore changed sides from primary drug discovery research to the CRO service business.

We are experts in the method and do great science by removing bottlenecks and enabling new drug discovery projects every day. We are developing the CETSA technology platform based on customer demand, our internal R&D and our deep knowledge of drug discovery. What makes me extra proud is the quality, speed and efficiency by which we troubleshoot and deliver actionable data.

Pelago’s mission is for CETSAto be a golden standard in drug discovery and diagnostics so that better drugs are brought to the patient faster. Since we want to establish CETSA as a golden technology standard we need to be – if not in front – then at least on top of the game. We are constantly developing the CETSA method to maximise the impact and value in pharmaceutical R&D and beyond. Thus, we are curiously exploring the possibilities and potential applications in many Life Sciences areas.

Daniel Martinez Molina

Daniel Martinez Molina


Since the very first CETSA experiment I have been eager to show the method to a bigger crowd. I teamed up with the inventor Pär Nordlund and drug hunter Michael Dabrowski to found Pelago Bioscience in 2013. Applied research has always interested me and the focus was to introduce the CETSA method to projects where it could really matter and where we could get to solve problems for others. The aim to start a company to commercialize the method was there already from day one.

Pelago is an agile and growing organization with skilled scientists. Every new employee has been carefully selected based on his or her skills, always complementing the team. This makes a fantastic group of people that all work in the same direction with customer projects and with our R&D efforts.

I want Pelago Bioscience to work as a catalyst for developing the method, both with regards to optimizing the established format and protocol, but also to make sure we continue being curious on what else we can do. One of my biggest dreams is that CETSA will be used to help patients. The work we do today for customers is already helpful in the preclinical part of developing new medicines and I am looking forward to the day when CETSA can also be applied in a clinical setting. To get there we are open minded and very humble to the fantastic work carried out by proteins in the cell.

Catrine Siöberg

Catrine Siöberg


I was contacted by the Pelago founders in late 2013. After a coffee and an interesting talk about the new invention, it was an easy decision to join Pelago Bioscience, first in the lab actively running experiments, and now leading a great team of research scientists, all experts in applying the CETSA method to help customers in their Drug Discovery programs. 

With a background in structural biology and more than 10 years looking at protein-ligand interactions, I know how binding of small molecules can affect a protein and its stability. The CETSA method is for me a beautiful way to show and measure these interactions in a natural environment- unperturbed in the cell and without labelling.

At Pelago we are a perfect mixture of protein biochemists, cell biologists, experts in proteomics and drug discovery specialists, all working together with the CETSA method and its applications. The different backgrounds and expertise areas of the members make the team work multifaceted and generates a great toolbox for difficult troubleshooting. Every day at Pelago is fun and you never stop learning in an environment of curious scientists doing what they are experts at and love.     

Sean Tyacke

Sean Tyacke


I first came across CETSA in 2014 when I re-connected with Michael at a conference and was immediately struck by both its label free nature and ability to work with cell lines and patient derived material. I have spent almost my entire career working in the life science research market and have always been drawn to ideas that have great potential for impact in patient therapy, and I had come across very few ideas as big as CETSA. Two years later Pelago had expanded enough to need a dedicated sales specialist and I was delighted to join.        

Having worked for a number of companies, I am aware that each has its own culture, but I have found Pelago’s passion for what it does to be truly inspiring. Our laboratory team are not just dedicated to the job, but are genuinely driven by the desire to help customers find answers and this enthusiasm for the research we do extends throughout the organization.

Pelago delivers valuable data and while the CETSA method appears simple, its execution requires considerable technical skills and insights. We want to deliver highly actionable data that enables rapid and fundamental decisions to be made. So the question becomes not if you should call Pelago, but when.