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Our core technology CETSA® allows the study of target engagement of compounds in a cellular context. In combination with biologically relevant functional assays and extended proteomic studies we build confidence earlier in the drug discovery pipeline. It is the expertise of our scientific teams that transforms elegant technologies into early insights and actionable data – customized for your purpose, scope and stage in the drug discovery process..

That’s why we ensure that our services come with the full support and know-how of a dedicated team with experience from hundreds of drug discovery projects: CETSA by Pelago Bioscience.

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Pelago Bioscience is a specialized CRO, focusing on biologically relevant assays with our patented CETSA technology as its core. We provide bespoke projects in a wide range of service areas, from target discovery, to lead generation, optimization, and confirmation.

Our CETSA services are based on flexible formats that allow our customers to define the scope and value they are looking for:
CETSA Navigate and CETSA Navigate  MS enable rapid target engagement confirmation, CETSA Navigate HT is for efficient high-throughput discovery, and CETSA Explore is a Mass Spectrometry-based approach allowing unbiased proteome-wide investigation.

Our other services are focused on functional assays and proteomic studies to strengthen target validation and understanding mechanism of action.

A wide range of services from early discovery to confirmation

We offer a range of customized services, from confirming target engagement to strengthen target validation and understanding mechanism of action of your compounds. Our approach is designed to help you make better decisions faster, no matter where you are in the drug discovery process.

True target engagement assessment







Target Identification

CETSA Explore (also known as TPP or PISA) combines the power of Mass Spectrometry with CETSA and allows for unbiased proteome-wide target identification. Being unbiased and hypothesis–free, CETSA Explore can be used for target deconvolution studies for hit compounds from phenotypic screens. Since CETSA can be performed in any sample matrix, the profiling and deconvolution can be conducted directly in disease relevant systems.

Lead Generation

CETSA Navigate HT is a perfect tool to unlock novel chemistry in lead generation programs using compound library sets of up to 500k. Or alternatively use CETSA Navigate or Navigate MS for rapid hit confirmation or the CETSA Explore for proteome-wide profiling of lead compounds.

Lead Optimisation

CETSA Navigate, Navigate MS and Navigate HT are all commonly used within lead optimization programs, with the choice being dependent on the number of compounds tested. Navigate HT offers greater volumes at lower data point costs in shorter time. Navigate and Navigate MS provides faster assay development and are applicable to a wider range of assay matrices and therefore an ideal format to progress into translational studies. In addition, the CETSA Explore can assess the selectivity profile of the lead series to highlight safety issues that need to be addressed.

Preclinical Studies

The flexibility of CETSA Navigate and Navigate MS makes these methods the first choice for translational studies where confirming target engagement within tissue samples is required and in patient-derived material can provide a vital clue to the drug candidate’s probable efficacy in human studies.

Clinical Trials

Biomarkers are important to facilitate translation, validate the therapeutic hypothesis, and monitor effects in clinical trials and beyond. CETSA Explore can be used to identify novel markers that would not be identified by conventional ‘omics approaches, and if necessary CETSA Navigate, Navigate MS or Navigate HT can be used to monitor these in patient samples once the biomarker has been identified.

Approved drugs

Many drugs have poorly understood, complex and diverse modes of action. CETSA Explore is a powerful tool that provides deep insights into the selectivity and action of drugs. These insights can be used to identify drug repurposing opportunities, drug synergy and new targets.

Explore our knowledge center to discover additional applications for the CETSA® formats.

At AstraZeneca, we are applying CETSA in hit identification and lead optimization to identify and characterize compounds for a number of novel targets.

Thomas Lundbäck Senior Director, AstraZeneca

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