Pelago Bioscience delivers in situ target engagement studies to accelerate preclinical and clinical drug discovery and diagnostics development. Using CETSA applications, drug discovery companies are able to make more informed decisions earlier in their pipeline.

How can CETSA® help you?

Our targeted CETSA® platform enables highly specific insights to your drug engaging your target within a relevant physiological environment, it allows you to make the right project prioritization. With untargeted CETSA®, we use unbiased proteomics approaches that allow for thousands of proteins to be assessed simultaneously identifying potential liability targets, mode of action and pathway deconvolution.

It’s essential for a successful drug discovery campaign that your compound is therapeutic, it must selectively bind the right target in order to be both effective and safe. CETSA offers a label free-method for studying compound-protein interactions. The method can be used throughout the drug discovery value chain, all the way from target identification and validation to clinical development.