Pelago Bioscience enable successful Drug Discovery by providing physiologically relevant high quality Target Engagement data using the patented CETSA® method. We combine extensive commercial Drug Discovery experience with world leading fundamental basic scientific research.

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8/1-2016: The inventor of CETSA® and co-founder of Pelago: Prof Pär Nordlund will be a plenary speaker at the upcoming Structure Based Drug Design Conference 2016 February 21-24th in San Diego. Have a look at the programme here

10/12-2015: This year we are very proud and happy to donate our christmas gift to Min Stora Dag/My Special Day - a foundation who give special kids great memories. Merry Christmas!

27/11-2015: Our new strategic collaboration with AstraZeneca will further accelerate the development of CETSA® applications relevant for drug discovery. pressreleasepelagoaz.pdf

23/11-2015: We have together with Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset been awarded a SWELife/Vinnova grant to start exploring CETSA® as an In Vitro Diagnostic tool in the validation of predictive biomarkers. swelifegrantpressrelease.pdf

13/10-2015: Pfizer Inc. and Pelago annouce that we have entered in to a sub-licensing agreement on the use of the CETSA™ method. Read the full statement here: pressreleasepbpfizer.pdf

7/9-2015: Pelago and Biovica announce our collaboration to develop a novel platform to enable development of novel oncology drugs: press-release

30/7-2015: Pelago customer Sprint Bioscience have announced a commercial and collaborative agreement with Bayer HealthCare on R&D and commericialisation of Sprint's MTH1 inhibitor programme. Under the agreement Sprint will outlicense their MTH1 programme in return for an upfront payment of a couple of millions EUR and up to 190 mill EUR in milestone related payments. Read more here: (in swedish)

10/6-2015: We announce the new commercial and scientific collaboartion with OmicScouts on CETSA™ mass spec applications. Read the full press release here: pressreleaseos_pb_150610.pdf.

10/5-2015: CETSA™ inventor Professor Pär Nordlund will present drug discovery relevant research using the method at the 2nd NovAliX Conference 2015 in Strassbourg June 9-12th.

12/3-2015: The CETSA™ method is now patented in the US under patent number 8,969,014.

26/2-2015: Pelago Bioscience will present at the Karolinska Institutet Science Park Day 2015. See the full programme and register here: KISP Day 2015

16/12-2014: Professor Nordlund, CETSA inventor and Pelago Bioscience co-founder will give a talk at the 
12th Winter Conference of Medicinal and Bioorganic Chemistry 25-29/1 2015 entitled: Monitoring Target Engagement using the Cellular Thermal Shift Assay for Lead Drug Development, Drug Deorphanization and Off-Target Studies

17/11-2014: Pelago Bioscience CEO Michael Dabrowski will participate in the Genesis 2014 conference in London, December 9th.

3/11-2014: OnTarget is the CETSA™ service distributor in Japan

3/10-2014: CETSA and mass spectometry combined to revolutionize biomarker and target identification published in Science

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Increase efficiency

By outsourcing your Target Engagement assays to us you reduce your risk and speed up project progression. We provide a flexible fee for service model and can also offer method sublicensing, tech transfer as well as consulting and risk shared collaborations.


Our focus

Our focus is to deliver high quality target engagement data to our customers and partners, enabling faster development of better and more efficacious new drugs.

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