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CETSA® (Cellular Thermal Shift Assay)

High attrition rates in drug development due to poor efficacy and toxicity continue to be a primary source of concern for the Pharmaceutical research industry. Pelago’s patented CETSA® technology addresses these problems by confirming compound binding profiles under actual physiological conditions. It is the only assay method that will confirm a compounds Target Engagement in a cellular environment. CETSA® is a label free technology that measures the change in a proteins thermal stability induced by compound binding. The method is suitable for material from any source, cells, lysates, animals and human biopsy material. CETSA® can be applied against a specific protein target or to profile a compounds activity in the proteome.

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Spun out from the Karolinska Institute in 2013, Pelago Bioscience AB was founded to provide and develop the patented Cellular Thermal Shift Assay (CETSA®) for use in determination and quantification of drug–target interactions. The company delivers in situ target engagement studies to accelerate preclinical and clinical drug discovery and diagnostics development. Using CETSA data and applications, drug discovery R&D companies are able to make better and more informed decisions at earlier stages in their projects. This reduces time and money spent on sub optimal compounds and allows faster development of more efficacious new drugs.

The company moved to purpose built laboratories at its current location in 2016 and continues to expand.

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