Hit Confirmation

As a cellular target engagement assay that determines the level of interaction between a ligand and a target protein of interest in a physiologically relevant setting, CETSA® is perfectly suited for hit confirmation. CETSA® requires no protein or ligand modifications and is much quicker and easier to set up compared to traditional assays, which typically require more time-consuming assay development or molecular biology workTherefore, CETSA® offers the advantage of investigating compound binding to the protein of interest in its endogenous environment and in its native state. CETSA® can be used to confirm target engagement of hits from a primary screen in a relevant cellular context, which greatly increases the confidence in pursuing these hits further in lead generationUsing CETSA® for hit confirmation allows you to validate faster and progress only the most relevant compounds to the next stages in your drug discovery value chain. 

The potential of CETSA® to be used in lead generation for hit identification, hit confirmation as well as for SAR analysis has been demonstrated in the literature by several research teams. In a study from AstraZeneca by Shaw et al., CETSA® Navigate HT was applied for hit confirmation following an HTS campaign based on a biochemical fluorescent polarization (FP) assay for the clinically validated target PARP1. In the study, PARP1 binders were confirmed as hits using a CETSA® Navigate HT assay, with the advantage of simultaneous confirmation of their permeability and target engagement in intact cells. 


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