Unlocking Proteomics: Pelago Bioscience’s HUPO Award-Winning CETSA® approach

Stockholm, Sweden 12 September 2023

Pelago Bioscience proudly receives the HUPO Science and Technology Award, celebrating our pioneering work in CETSA (Cellular Thermal Shift Assay) and the Pelago team work including Alexey Chernobrovkin and Tomas Friman. This technology provides invaluable insights into proteomics, and how drugs perturb cellular biology.

Our Award-Winning Impact

The HUPO Science and Technology award acknowledges our efforts in developing the global CETSA MS data analysis methodology and platform. We empower researchers with vital insights into cellular responses, reaction patterns, and phenomena within CETSA experiments. Based on the award-winning platform, our CETSA fingerprint library boasts 400+ compounds across three cell lines, spanning diverse compound classes and disease areas.

Discover the proteome with CETSA Explore

Gain understanding of how the drugs affect the live cells, what targets they engage and which pathways are affected. Pelago Bioscience service CETSA Explore offers unbiased proteome wide profiling that ideal for Mechanism-of-Action (MoA) investigation, as well as for phenotypic target deconvolution and safety assessments.

In honor of our award and to support the global scientific community, we are happy to share with you the CETSA Target Engagement Atlas poster, which represents a significant outcome of our award-winning methodology.


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