About us

Pelago Bioscience was founded in 2013 with the aim to develop the patented Cellular Thermal Shift Assay (CETSA®) for maximum utility and customer value in drug discovery and diagnostics. Today, we deliver in situ target engagement studies to accelerate preclinical and clinical drug discovery and development to a world-wide customer base. Using CETSA® data and applications, our customers are able to make better and more informed decisions at earlier stages in their projects. Our scientific team are the experts in both targeted CETSA® using antibodies for the detection and proteome-wide mass spectrometry-based CETSA® applications, find out more on the Pelago services page

Our Leadership Team

Michael Dabrowski


When Pär Nordlund and Daniel Martinez Molina contacted me regarding their invention back in December 2012 I was immediately convinced that the CETSA® technology could solve a lot of problems and massively improve efficiency and success rates in the Drug Discovery process. This notion was based on my 15-20 years of pharmaceutical industry experience. I therefore changed sides from primary drug discovery research to the CRO service business.

Daniel Martinez Molina


Since I ran that very first CETSA® experiment I have been eager to show the method to a larger crowd. I teamed up with the inventor Pär Nordlund and drug hunter Michael Dabrowski to found Pelago Bioscience in 2013. Applied research has always interested me and with Pelago we could now introduce the CETSA® method to projects where it could really matter and where we could get to solve problems for others. I feel very privileged, after working with CETSA® for more than 10 years, I still get goosebumps from looking at the data we generate and all the positive feedback we get from customers and curious scientists around the world.

Sean Tyacke


I first came across CETSA® in 2014 when I re-connected with Michael at a conference and was immediately struck by both its label free nature and ability to work with cell lines and patient derived material. I have spent almost my entire career working in the life science research market and have always been drawn to ideas that have great potential for impact in patient therapy, and I had come across very few ideas as big as CETSA®. Two years later Pelago had expanded enough to need a dedicated sales specialist and I was delighted to join.