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Adopting CETSA® Explore Earlier in Target Identification Can Boost Your Drug Discovery Success

In this eBook, we outline how applying CETSA® earlier in your research can avoid the limitations of more traditional approaches. We outline examples of where research groups have adopted the method to great effect, such as helping to minimize the risk of late-stage failure, improve translational models, and provide a richer understanding of a compound’s MoA and pathway effects. Now widely recognized as a highly valuable tool for drug discovery, we discuss how this method is having an exciting impact on the development of new and better medicines for patients.

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Summary of The Key Impact Areas of CETSA® Explore in Drug Discovery

  • Understanding the wider biological impact of your drug on your model system
  • Getting actionable results on MoA when other methods fail
  • Off-target monitoring for safety assessments
  • Protecting against unknown liabilities
  • Improving translational models

How can I choose the most efficient and reliable target identification method?

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