Discover the proteome with CETSA® Explore

CETSA® Explore for hit evaluation and target deconvolution

Recent years have seen a resurgence in phenotypic drug discovery owing to its potential for delivering first-in-class treatments for diseases with unmet clinical needs1. However, one of the major challenges to phenotypic approaches is the need for target deconvolution and hit confirmation. CETSA® Explore offers unbiased proteome-wide thermal profiling that can provide key insights for phenotypic drug discovery in a disease-relevant, label-free system. The method allows the entire proteome to be simultaneously monitored for changes in protein thermostability during drug treatment.

CETSA® increases the likelihood for drug success

Gaining a clear understanding of how a drug works, which targets it hits, what processes it alters, and which of these actions are required for therapeutic efficacy can help guide drug development and prevent late-stage failures. CETSA® Explore is a valuable tool to deorphanize drug targets and provide an unbiased proteome-wide measure of target engagement in a physiologically-relevant setting.


How can I identify my target? Download CETSA® Explore application note.


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