Is your hit on target?

The patented Cellular Thermal Shift Assay, CETSA® can determine target engagement in physiologically relevant settings and therefore reduce the failure rates and associated high costs of drug discovery programs. The adaptation of CETSA® into a microtiter plate format enables compound screening with high-throughput: CETSA® Navigate HT, with applications in hit identification, confirmation and lead generation

CETSA® Navigate HT can evaluate target engagement in the relevant physiological environment

  • As drug discovery strives to become more efficient at delivering successful clinical drug candidates, cell-based assays need to better reflect the targeted disease. One key advantage of CETSA® Navigate HT is the potential to confirm that compound mediated cellular effects are a consequence of target engagement in cells.
  • CETSA® Navigate HT can be applied to various stages of drug discovery from hit identification to candidate drug selection

How can I confirm if my hit is on target? Download our CETSA® Navigate HT application note.


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