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Confirming target engagement with either the POI or the E3 ligase using CETSA® Navigate HT

CETSA® Navigate HT leverages on homogeneous bead-based approaches, such as AlphaLISA®, for protein detection and allows for primary screening in high throughput to identify binders to either the POI or the E3 ligase. With the AlphaLISA® protein detection kits, one can also, in the same cells, monitor the compound-mediated degradation of the POI and identify the optimal concentration to achieve effective degradation, thus assessing the relevant pharmacology.

Selectivity profiling and MoA studies using CETSA® Explore

it is possible to simultaneously identify direct binding events to both the POI and the E3 ligase and potential off-targets, or to observe downstream effects from direct binding interactions as well as from the removal of the POI by PROTAC®-mediated degradation [1]. The proteome effects of BSJ-03-204 in K562 cells were further investigated with CETSA® Explore in both intact and lysed K562 cells, by incubating these matrices with up to 30 μM of the PROTAC® for 60 and 15 minutes, respectively.

Pelago Bioscience is your partner to increase the likelihood for drug success

  • The prevention of failure at later stages of clinical development is of paramount importance in early drug discovery.
  • Morgan et al. [2] have laid the ground for three pillars of survival for a successful program when reaching Phase II: (1) exposure at target site of action (cell penetration), (2) binding to the pharmacological target (target engagement and selectivity), and (3) expression of pharmacology.
  • Later, Bunnage et al. [3] expanded the concept to other chemical probes like PROTACs® with the addition of a fourth pillar: expression of relevant phenotype.
  • Pelago Bioscience is set to be your drug discovery research partner and offers a range of assays to support all these pillars, building trust and assuring the efficacy of your molecules from the early stages of development.
protein degradation app note

How can I measure degradation efficiency? Download our protein degradation application note.


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