CETSA® Navigate HT: A New Paradigm For High-Throughput Screening

Introduction to CETSA® Navigate HT

CETSA® Navigate HT is a high-throughput format for screening and/or profiling larger sets of drug molecules. Once established, a CETSA® Navigate HT assay can generate TE data in several forms, e.g., SP data for screening large libraries and concentration response (CR) for generating TE potency (EC50) data. As a case study to demonstrate the applicability of CETSA® Navigate HT in hit identification, we have applied the technology to CDK4, a recognised target of interest in several cancers.

Key Learnings

  • A CETSA® Navigate HT assay in intact THP1 cells was established for CDK4 and successfully applied for hit identification in a screening campaign.
  • The efforts identified both known and novel chemotypes involved in CDK4-driven cellular effects and further studies to deconvolute potentially different mechanisms of action of the hits are planned (e.g., selectivity profiling using the proteome-wide CETSA® Explore format).
  • Due to its broad applicability to native, full length protein targets in the live cellular environment, CETSA® Navigate HT may be regarded as a new paradigm for high-throughput screening.

Download our poster and learn how to use CETSA® Navigate HT for High-Throughput Screening.


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