Is your target difficult to drug?

CETSA® Navigate MS has been developed to assess the target engagement of compounds towards novel targets using MS readout reliably and effectively. Instead of relying on the access of detection antibodies, CETSA® Navigate MS uses trace peptides as internal standards allowing for specific and robust profiling of individual or multiple proteins in parallel. Therefore, using this method, it is also possible to multiplex and study several proteins at the same time. CETSA® Navigate MS is a valuable method to investigate different isoforms or to perform selectivity studies and to assess target engagement early in your drug discovery project.

Key Learnings

  • CETSA® Navigate MS provides you with the possibility to study previously un-druggable targets that lack tools such as detection antibodies. It allows for the efficient verification and validation of target engagement of your compound, in the native physiological environment.
  • CETSA® Navigate MS can be used to study different isoforms or to perform selectivity studies. It also allows for multiplexing, making it possible to study several targets at the same time.

Is your target difficult to drug? Download our CETSA® Navigate MS application note.


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