Discovery US 2023

Presentation Abstract

The starting point for any desired biological effect is a drug-target interaction, an interaction that can be studied in a live cellular setting using the CETSA® technology. Drug hunters are now expanding the therapeutic target space to include harder to drug targets like non-enzymatic proteins, shallow protein-protein interactions, and flexible proteins like transcription factors.

This focus further stresses the importance of target validation and understanding the molecular mode of action of the drugs. Because the CETSA® technology platform is label- and tag-free new targets and modalities can be studied in a physiological and therapeutically relevant way, which I will illustrate through a series of use-cases.

We are delighted to share that we will be taking part in the upcoming Drug Discovert US 2023. We are headed to Cambridge, MA with:

    • Exhibitin booth (#7)
    • 30 min presentation
    • Our team of experts

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to meet you at the conference.

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We anticipate seeing you at the Drug Discovery US 2023 conference.