ELRIG Research & Innovation 2024

We are thrilled to share that we will be showcasing our high-throughput services at ELRIG Research & Innovation 2024 in Manchester! Join us at The University of Manchester to explore how our offerings can support your Drug Discovery journey. We look forward to seeing you there!

    • Visit us at Exhibition Booth 11.

    • Attend our 15-minute presentation.

    • Meet our team of experts.

Presentation Abstract

Numerous potential drugs fail in late stages due to efficacy issues or failure to affect the intended target in the right tissue. A relevant model and a high-quality method for assessing target engagement is crucial to ensure the right candidate drugs are progressed through the drug discovery process.

The utility of using CETSA technology to measure target engagement in intact cells is increasingly highlighted also for high-throughput screening.

Here, we´ll showcase how a high-throughput plate based CETSA format was applied by Pelago Bioscience to screen on the well-known transcription factor p53.

Hits identified in this screen bind to the target in a physiologically relevant cellular matrix and are not biased for any particular binding mode. Unlike traditional methods, this approach of rapid target-to-hit lead generation possesses a unique advantage, prioritizing compounds interacting with the endogenous target in living cells first, followed by analysis of hit material activity. This unique method of identifying chemical matter also for “difficult to drug targets” in living cells, not only streamlines the drug discovery process but also offers substantial cost savings compared to traditional high-throughput screening approaches, which involve extensive assay development time on recombinantly produced proteins or modified cell lines, and still rely on target engagement assessment downstream.

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