CETSA: Navigate your Chemistry and Explore the Biology to Enhance your Drug Discovery Project

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Chapter 1

The need to discover new medicines


Chapter 2

Why CETSA is the best way to measure target engagement


Chapter 3

How CETSA overcomes challenges in early drug discovery


Chapter 4

How CETSA HT enables more effective lead generation


Chapter 5

How CETSA Classics enables more effective lead generation


Chapter 6

Driving drug discovery forward.

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One of society’s most pressing challenges today is to find new drugs that treat life-threatening and incurable diseases. However, despite increasing investment in research and development, the majority of candidates still fail in clinical trials. It’s thought that over half of these failures are due to a lack of efficacy in proof-of-concept trials – a subject of much debate in the industry.


These efficacy failures come at a considerablely high cost. Not only are substantial investments made for no gain, but a significant amount of lost time may also mean that pursuing that target is no longer a practical proposition. This is particularly detrimental for smaller companies that have invested all their resources in only one asset, and may mean they have to close down as a result. Another possible impact is on pharmaceutical companies that need to release new drugs to maintain their existing market share. In such situations, the company must either buy in a late-stage candidate drug (CD) from elsewhere, at great cost, or give up on a market in which they may have spent years developing.



As someone ultimately looking to take a new drug to market, conducting primary screening to identify starting points for further optimisation can be fraught with challenges – but screening within a physiologically relevant system can help ensure the right compound hits are prioritized.

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