Target engagement


Target engagement assessment for difcult-to-drug targets with standard CETSA® followed by direct MS detection. No antibodies needed.

Did you know only 1-2% of disease-modifying proteins are traditionally considered druggable? Developing therapeutics for di  cult-to-drug targets is one of the key challenges of modern drug discovery and development. The problem has been that conventional methods often lack tools, such as antibodies, that would allow us to investigate and design ligands that target them.

That’s why we developed CETSA® Navigate MS. Reliable assessment of true target engagement – inside the cell, under actual physiological conditions – followed by direct MS read-out without the need for target detection antibodies. The leading target engagement platform CETSA® just got even better, with a new addition that allows you to pursue target proteins where no antibodies are available for detection. It’s time to unleash the undrugged.

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