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CETSA®: Navigate your Chemistry

Explore the Biology to Enhance your Drug Discovery Project

One of society’s most pressing challenges today is to find new drugs that treat life-threatening and incurable diseases. However, despite increasing investment in research and development, the majority of candidates still fail in clinical trials. It’s thought that over half of these failures are due to a lack of efficacy in proof-of-concept trials – a subject of much debate in the industry.

Right Tools, Right Time

Adopting CETSA® earlier in target identification can boost your drug discovery success

In drug discovery, achieving high efficacy and good safety requires a deep understanding of the mechanism of action of both the pharmacologically active compound and the therapeutic target. To develop the most effective drug, scientists must determine how the target is modulated by the compound as well as its role in the disease of interest. It’s also essential to obtain insightful knowledge about how the compound interacts with unintended protein targets and the consequences of these interactions.

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