CETSA Explore – a mass spectrometry approach for target ID and compound profiling

In this webinar, you will find a presentation of various applications of CETSA® Explore, highlighting how this assay can assist at different stages of drug discovery.

Date: 14 December 2022

Moderator: Jakub Lewicki, Operational Manager – Sales & Marketing, Pelago Bioscience


  • Gizem Akcay, Head of Chemical Biology, Bayer Research and Innovation Center

  •  Isabel Martin Caballero, Project Advisor, Pelago Bioscience

  • Tomas Friman, Senior Scientist, Pelago Bioscience

Duration: 59 minutes

CETSA Explore is an unbiased mass spectrometry-based, proteome-wide target engagement assessment method for compound profiling measuring not only direct binding but subsequent downstream consequences of the initial target engagement without any label. CETSA Explore can guide drug discovery projects through target identification, selectivity assessments, and provide insights into biological processes in physiologically relevant conditions.

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