CETSA® Navigate HT

CETSA® Navigate HT was developed to increase the throughput of our targeted method. We typically use dual antibody luminescence-based detection systems that allow plate-based automation.

CETSA® Navigate HT efficiently assesses target engagement in live cells in a high throughput mode. With CETSA® Navigate HT it is possible to screen large compound libraries and test multiple conditions with a short turnover. The homogenous dual antibody detection technology allows rapid and sensitive quantification with no need to separate folded from denatured proteins in the sample. Target levels can be quantified by dual antibody proximity detection systems based on e.g., chemiluminescence (AlphaLISA®) or fluorescence (Time-Resolved Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (TR-FRET), that can be read on standard multimode plate readers.

Navigate HT is ideal for library screening, hit confirmation, tool finding and lead optimization. Typically, an assay development phase of 8-10 weeks and is followed by a screening phase with a throughput of 10-50,000 data points per week.

Library Screening

CETSA® can determine cellular target engagement in physiologically relevant settings of the native, full-length protein and can potentially unlock novel chemical space. CETSA® library screening in intact cells gives direct confirmation on target engagement of your library compounds in physiological conditions from the onset. 

Hit Confirmation

As a cellular target engagement assay that determines the level of interaction between a ligand and a target protein of interest in a physiologically relevant setting, CETSA® is perfectly suited for hit confirmation.




Lead Optimization

The aim at this stage of the drug discovery and development process is to optimize the compound properties to ensure the development of safe and effective candidate drugs (CDs) that can be dosed in healthy volunteers.



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    • Plate based, amenable for high throughput screening.
    • Format for hit identification, hit confirmation and SAR generation

Is your hit on target?

CETSA® Navigate HT can confirm that compound mediated cellular effects are a consequence of target engagement in cells.

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