CETSA® Explore

CETSA® Explore, also known as TPP (Thermal Proteome Profiling) or PISA (Protein Integral Solubility Alteration), utilizes a proteome-wide mass spectrometry-based detection method. It can analyze the systemic effect of a compound on up to 6,000 key proteins in a single experiment. Measuring not just the direct binding of compound to proteins but also the subsequent downstream consequences of the initial target engagement.

This unbiased proteome wide profiling makes it ideal for Mechanism-of-Action (MoA) investigation, as well as for phenotypic target deconvolution and safety assessments. Once the experimental parameters have been specified, the turnaround time is usually 10-12 weeks depending on the project scope.

Proteins of interest uncovered by CETSA® Explore are amenable to both Navigate and Navigate HT methods. This allows for the generation of specific assays suitable for low or high throughput once targets have been identified.


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  • Proteome wide profiling of compound-induced changes in protein thermal stability

  • Information about direct binding and pathway related effects

  • Ideal format for target deconvolution, MoA, toxicology and biomarker investigation

  • Timeline: Minutes

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